‚ÄčOzzy x Danica

A wonderful collaboration with Vanleighof Bouviers, we were thrilled to see a decent amount of puppies brewing via ultrasound. Ozzy spent a few years in Europe before returning to the U.S. and we are so grateful to have this opportunity to co-breed a litter with Sheila Hoffman.  

Danica was Vanleighof Bouvier's 53rd champion of record. And on May 11, 2016, Danica successfully free-whelped 9 new babies - 5 boys and 4 girls at the Ottcienda. We are extremely proud of our Momma D!

Vanleighof's A Journey Into The Night Sky - "Tyson"
La Chanson's Paradigm Shift - "Kristof"
La Chanson's Power Train - "Boulder"
La Chanson's Perfect Storm - "Kody"
La Chanson's Phenomenal - "Black Jack"
Vanleighof's A Journey To Jupiter - "Juno"
Vanleighof's Always Dreaming Big @ Kayzar - "Dreamer"
La Chanson's Pure Energy - "Charlevoix"
La Chanson's Pistol Packer - "Patty" (aka Peanut!)

Vanleighof's Outlaw Rocker x GCH Vanleighof's Victory Lap