Bennett x Patti

Bennett is, well, BENNETT! And Patti is one of our Ozzy x Danica girls that has enjoyed performance more than conformation. Alison (one of Patti's co-owners) fell in love with Bennett at a tender young age of 3 months and asked if one day she could have a Bennett baby. Patti came into her life through her friend Walter (currently on a long-term contract in Guam), so we bred Patti to Bennett and welcomed 7 new babies - 2 boys and 5 girls - on October 18, 2018.  

The Service Dog/Performance Dog potential of these puppies excited all of us. 5 of the 7 tested very strongly for Service Dog potential. The other 2 still tested "above average" for Service Dog potential. 

GCH La Chanson's Orange Is The New Black x La Chanson's Pistol Packer FDC CGC TKN