Born June 30, 2013

​OFA Heart, Eyes - Normal
OFA Hips - Good

Mal's nickname in the whelping box was "Gigantor". He was a solid, fawn puppy with a gorgeous head.  We have loved watching him grow up into a handsome young dog where all the qualities and attributes we fell in love with at 8 weeks old have stayed true.

In June 2014 at the Bouvier Club of Northern California specialty, Mal was Best Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes. With limited showing for the first year and a half of his life, he came out in the spring of 2015 turning heads left and right.

In March 2015 at the Kern County Kennel Club shows in Bakersfield, California, judge Mr. Jon Cole awarded Mal Best of Winners for his first major win and the next day judge Mrs. Pat Hastings awarded Mal Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex over a male special for his second major win.  And in May 2015, judge Mrs. Linda Riedel awarded Mal Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Opposite Sex and the next day judge Mrs. Marion McPherson awarded Mal Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over his littermate sister Misty.  During the SCBdFC Supported Entry weekend at the Mission Circuit, Mal was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a four point major at the Los Encinos Kennel Club under judge Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman for his third major and also to finish his championship.

Playing outside of the show ring, Mal's owners noticed he showed a great enjoyment for lure coursing activities. At events hosted by the Basenji Club of Northern California in mid-June 2015, Mal successfully completed four runs under different judges and earned a Coursing Ability Title. He later earned the next level title of Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA). The AKC confirmed that Mal was the FIRST Bouvier to earn the Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) title, which he accomplished on November 1, 2015, and he also became the first Bouvier to earn the CAX2 title in 2016.    

Mal continues working on additional titles. In November 2022 he completed his Dual Championship as a Herding Champion - an amazing accomplishment thanks to all of the hard work and dedication of Brenna Mooney and her herding instructor Jill Reifschneider. He has volunteered as a speech therapy dog working with children and earned his first Therapy Dog title in April of 2016.

Mal lives in northern California, is loved and owned by Brenna Mooney and her sister Lenore,  and can be found on Instagram as @MaltheBouv.  He also has his own blog - Rod and Pilar are extremely proud of all they do with this fine boy dog. 



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