About La Chanson Bouviers...

Pilar met her first Bouviers in New Mexico in 1994 and was intrigued by the breed - their size, strength, endurance and their contentment to be near, but not constantly next to, their owners and friends.  After years of research, Pilar got her first Bouvier named Emilie in 1998.  

Emilie was an incredible companion for Pilar and she knew that one day she would want to build a breeding program to insure the existence of this hardy breed.  

In 2007, Pilar got Garrison and delved into learning how to groom and handle dogs at AKC dog shows and studied pedigrees and health history to plan a foundation for a breeding program.  

Together, Pilar and Garrison accomplished his Championship, Grand Championship, Bronze level Grand Championship, multiple group placements and wins in the highly competitive west coast circuit.  Garrison qualified for the invitation-only Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show in 2010 and 2011 by ranking in the top 25 nationwide. In February 2012, Pilar and Garrison won the only Award of Merit given at the Westminster Kennel Club and he qualified for the Top 20 competition at the 2012 National Specialty.

In 2010, Pilar and Rod acquired Danica. She was Reserve Winners Bitch at the 2011 National Specialty and won an Award of Merit at the Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club regional specialty in April 2012. When it came time to try to produce a litter, she faced a few breeding challenges. Thankfully, the Johnsons of Rochesues Bouviers in Colorado leased Pilar and Rod a bitch for breeding and in June 2013, they welcomed a litter of 11 puppies. Pilar and Rod are forever grateful to the Johnson family for the opportunity to launch their breeding program with a proven and successful brood bitch. 

A successful breeding program takes time, planning, and foresight to better the breed and maintain attributes desired by Bouvier owners old and new.

Pilar and Rod always do health tests on their dogs’ heart, eyes, hips, and elbows before considering them as potential sires and dams.  

And puppies are always raised in the household and experience many sounds, sights, and stimuli to help prepare them for a new home and becoming a “Canine Good Citizen” some day. 

La Chanson Bouviers last welcomed 8 puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls - out of Sage on December 4, 2020.  We are thankfully expecting a litter due at the end of June 2023. Please read the latest by clicking on the NEWS page or the PUPPIES page. 

Pilar Kuhn & Rod Ott

Located in Southern California

Members of the SCBdFC and ABdFC

​​From Rod and Pilar

“We enjoy living with our dogs in our home, grooming them, showing them and occasionally breeding a litter to help preserve the breeds dearest to our hearts.  

If you’d like to know more about us, our dogs, or would like to inquire about a future possible Bouvier puppy, please send us an email by using the Contact Us form.”